Pre-Conference Training

We are offering Pre-Conference training on Monday, April 3rd for a nominal fee that includes specialized training focused on Agile Methodology on Tuesday, April 4th and Wednesday, April 5th.

1:00 - 3:00 pm

Pre-Conference Training

Application Design Basics

Get grounded on the design basics for building your first Appian solution. This two-hour training session will introduce attendees to the main design tools and techniques for rapidly delivering solutions through Appian’s web and mobile experiences.

Building Great User Experiences

Learn best practices for creating great user experiences using Appian SAIL. Appian’s flexible UI architecture allows designers to create interactive and multi-platform interfaces quickly. This two-hour training session will introduce attendees to leveraging Appian SAIL and review best practices for building interfaces your users will enjoy.

Integrating with Appian

Learn how to expand the Appian Platform by integrating with external systems using REST services. This two-hour training session will cover how to leverage Web APIs to expose your Appian environment to other systems and how to build records to pull external data into your system.

3:30 - 5:30 pm

Pre-Conference Training

Mastering Quick Apps

Some problems have simple solutions. Quick Apps lets you build basic but comprehensive applications in just minutes with an easy-to-use wizard. Participants will learn how to master Quick Apps and take advantage of Sites alongside it for a custom and focused user experience.

The Tools for Success

Discover the latest tools to ensure your project succeeds. This two-hour training session introduces tools and best practices available as part of your Appian investment, including add-ons like the Health Check.

Advanced User Interface Design

Take your Appian SAIL skills to the next level. Now that you have mastered design basics, you are ready to learn advanced SAIL design concepts, such as: maximizing component reuse, creating more dynamic user experiences, and integrating data into a single UI from multiple sources. This two-hour training session is designed for users who already understand Appian SAIL and want to learn more advanced design techniques to impress and please their users.