Wednesday – April 5, 2017

8:00 - 9:00 am

Breakfast & Solutions Showcase

9:00 - 11:30 am

General Session

Guest Keynote

Speaker: Ben Saunders, World Record Breaking Polar Explorer

Fast and Secure Business Transformation

Moderator: Timothy J. Kelly, Vice President – Professional Services and Operations, Macedon Technologies

Speaker: Monica I. Echezuria, Vice President – Business Process Solutions, The Carlyle Group

Monica Echezuria from The Carlyle Group, along with Tim Kelly from Macedon Technologies, will discuss how the use of the Appian Platform accelerated Carlyle’s legal entity formation to liquidation process. The Entity Lifecycle Manager (ELM) application consolidates the many corporate policies and processes, enabling Carlyle to improve its legal entity governance, regulatory compliance and transparency. They will discuss their journey with the Appian Platform and demonstrate how they used Appian low-code capabilities to meet critical business demands and provide an enterprise-grade, high-impact solution.

The Digital Transformation Journey

Speaker: Ryan Buerger, Director, First Bank

First Bank has been on a transformation journey. Adopting the Appian platform has not only allowed First Bank to transform paper to digital information, it has also helped digitize their business processes bringing in product and service innovation and delivering enhanced customer experiences. Hear Ryan speak about First Bank’s journey from Paper to BPM to Digital Transformation, while he shares lessons learned and best practices from 10 years of transformation.

Expert Perspective on Digital Transformation

Moderator:Adam Dennison, SVP/General Manager, IDG Publications

Melvin (Mel) Kirk, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Ryder System, Inc.
Pascale Bernal, Former Chief Information Officer, GRDF
Joseph L Kennedy, Principal, PwC
Todd Lohr, Principal – Technology Enablement & Automation, KPMG

11:30 - 12:45 pm

Lunch & Solutions Showcase

11:30 - 12:45 pm

Lead Customer Lunch (Invite only)

The Lead Customer Lunch is for customers only.  If you would like to learn more and participate, please contact your Account Executive.

1:00 - 3:45 pm

Supporting Agile Cultures - Part II

Robert Rasmussen, CEO, Agile 6
Ernie Ramirez, COO, Agile 6
Brian Derfer, CTO, Agile 6

Supporting Agile Cultures continues on Day 2…

New approaches for managing Agile teams include applying design thinking, breaking down information silos, creating an environment of innovation where new ideas can flow and flourish, building trust, and improving the link between individual effort and organizational success. Together, we will look at how to create the culture that has the built-in capacity for agility.

Topics on Day 2 include:

  • The US Digital Services and Playbook
  • Human-Centered Design – Agile Roles, Ceremonies, and Artifacts

1:00 - 1:45 pm

Breakout Sessions

Application Innovation - Transformation for Preservation

Anne Lenz, Executive Director, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Queensland Government

Australia’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) is committed to preserving a sustainable and prosperous Queensland. Operating in a typical “do more with less” government agency environment, EHP sees digital transformation as key to achieving its mission. EHP chose the Appian Platform as the backbone of its new “Connect” digital platform for online services and transactions. See how EHP rolled out 56 enterprise-grade business applications in a matter of months, demonstrating the true power of a low-code platform.

Financial Services - Turning Digital Disruption into Opportunity

Stephen Ball, Head of Enterprise Solutions, Sunsuper
Michael Heffner, Vice President, Global Capital Markets and Banking Industry Lead, Appian

The FinTech revolution is disrupting the financial sector. Learn how innovative companies are staying ahead of market trends by using Appian’s digital platform to help create new products and services, and shape new business models.

Insurance - Transformation Trends in Financial Services and Insurance Around the Globe

Margaux Vourvoulias, Sales Director BFS, Blue Prism
Deb Smallwood, Founder, Strategy Meets Action

From understanding megatrends to using robotic process automation, FSI companies around the world are transforming to accommodate different market conditions. Saturated markets change to retain, growing markets change to handle volume, and both change to accommodate new buying and selling models. In this session hear how different market conditions and social patterns are driving different transformation trends.

Life Sciences & Healthcare - How to Accelerate Time to Market and Value to Your Patient

Evi Cohen, Global Practice Leader - Life Sciences, Appian

This Pharma and life sciences session will discuss Product Life Cycle Management in the digital era, exploring a digital transformation platform approach and best practices to improve your probability of success. Hear about innovative ways to leverage proven technology and enhanced processes to deliver greater efficiency, improved patient safety and compliance, and acceleration of products to market.

2:00 - 2:45pm

Breakout Sessions

Application Innovation

Financial Services - Customer Panel: Drive Business Innovation through Collaboration

Bill Raczyk, Director of Business Process Improvement, OCC
Michael Heffner, Vice President, Global Capital Markets and Banking Industry Lead, Appian

Join this session for a lively discussion on the challenges of driving business innovation when 70-80% of IT resources are focused on maintaining legacy business systems. Learn how forward thinking companies are defining collaborative roles for business and IT. Hear about an approach to create a responsive business apps layer as a digital overlay to your enterprise architecture.

Insurance - From Idea to Production and Beyond: Fueling your Transformation Engine

Kate Gingras, Financial Services & Insurance, Global Lead, Appian
Mike Lonsdale, Process and Information Engineering Manager, Hansard International

How do you bring new technology into your company and progress the transformation? Join this session for a discussion of approaches and best practices through customer case studies about how to start the process and then successfully transition with an Agile and flexible model by deploying Appian’s low-code platform for digital transformation.

Life Sciences & Healthcare - The Patient of One: Increasing Member and Patient Engagement

Jeff Rivkin, Research Director, IDC
Scott Polansky, Practice Lead Healthcare Payers, Appian

As the healthcare industry changes, health insurance companies are looking at their members, and potential members, through a new lens. The growth of public and private health exchanges has created an opportunity to shift acquisition and retention strategies for health insurance companies to a retail approach where individuals are the target. Hear how your peers are responding to customer and digital innovation trends.

3:00 - 3:45 pm

Breakout Sessions

Application Innovation - How to Transform your Appian Processes with Voice and Messaging

Jim Schweitzer, Director of Software and BPM Services, Vision Point Systems
Brian Coyle, Expert Services Program Manage, Twilio

Appian is open and flexible, making it easy to go beyond the included web and native mobile interfaces and take advantage of new and exciting communications channels.

In this session, join Appian Partner Vision Point Systems (VPS) for a demonstration of how you can transform your processes to take advantage of external communications channels, like SMS, MMS, and phone calls…all directly from Appian process models and SAIL interfaces.

You’ll learn how to most effectively use some of the newest Appian features, including POST WebApis and SmartService SAIL functions, to enable these capabilities. Example functionality we’ll show includes:

  • Begin a process via MMS, and embed the sent image in process data or record
  • Build a dynamic IVR call flow using an Appian process model
  • Send confirmation SMS to customers within a process model
  • Place an automated outbound phone call within a process model

You do not want to miss this informative session on how to transform your Appian processes!

Financial Services - Transforming for Operational Agility

Dennis Mackey, Vice President, Head of Growth & Transformation North America Investment Operations, State Street
Guy Mettrick, Practice Leader - Financial Services, Appian

How are leading financial institutions using Appian technology to drive operational excellence? Hear first hand success stories that illustrate the importance of agility to drive efficiencies and innovation that extends from the back office through to the customer journey.

Insurance - Transforming the Journey: The Many Faces of FSI Customers

Kate Gingras, Financial Services & Insurance, Global Lead, Appian

While modernization initiatives promise results, without strategic purpose and a clear business case, insurers could easily lose sight of what will deliver the most value. It’s time to consider how an innovative framework for digital transformation can help you improve customer experience and maximize all of your customer journeys.

Life Sciences & Healthcare - The Changing Healthcare Landscape: Innovating Claims Management

Neil Costello, CEO, NuLife Med
Tim Woodward, IT Director, NuLife Med
Fritz Haimberger, Global Industry Practice Leader - Healthcare Provider, Appian

NuLife Med is digitally transforming provider and payer management with a unified claims interface for ease of internal and external access and communication. Get firsthand perspectives from the IT Director of this high growth medical services company on how they are leveraging Appian technology to meet their mission… home delivery of medical devices to enable the most successful patient recovery process possible.